Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-rex) Tattoo style Illustration


Tyrion T-Rex

Meet the man himself, Tyrion Tyrone Tyrell Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ink illustration in a tattoo style. Dinosaurs may no longer rule the earth but they still f**king rule. This bad mother of a lizard is the latest tattoo style ink drawing of the set and hopefully it will be gracing a T-shirt in no time at all.

Here’s some T-rex trivia for you to sink your fangs into:

  • Lady-Rexes are believed to have been bigger than Testosterone Rexes by up to thousands of pounds in weight.
  • Noone knows why his arms were so short. Stop asking, it upsets him.
  • T-Rex Sue was sold in Chicago to a museum for $8m dollars, a fossil record.

The illustration is on Bristol board and I made use of a mech pencil, Pilot hi-tech v5’s, some Rotrings and a fat Faber Castell marker.