Pulp Fiction Movie Poster

My fan-made Pulp fiction Movie poster.


“What you gotta do is bring the needle down in a stabbing motion.”

I was going to do another minimalist poster like the one I did for Léon but I guess I got a little carried away and ended up making the thing in photoshop instead of illustrator. This poster is tribute of course to the great scene with the adrenaline shot through the heart, there isn’t a scene in this film that isn’t great but this stuck out to me as the most memorable. The style is similar to the movies original poster in mimicking the look of an old pulp novel, hope you like it.

I’ve borrowed some silhouettes of Vincent and Jules from Olly Moss who made a great series of pop culture silhouettes. Have also had another idea for a Pulp Fiction poster, and also a minimalist Django piece. Tarantino mode on I guess. Watch this space.