Minimalist Movie Poster – Léon: the professional


 ” I wanna be happy. Sleep in a bed, have roots.”

There’s been a slew of minimalist movie posters made lately and it’s inspired me to make some of my own. I love movies and making my own renditions of posters feels like a chance to connect more to the films that I love personally and to  make my first foray into what you might call ‘fan art’

Léon: the professional is probably my all-time favourite film, so what better one to start with. If you haven’t seen this movie make sure you give it a viewing, it’s got everything in spades. This poster is based on the peace lily that the protagonist; Léon an idiosyncratic Italian hitman, thinks of as his only family.

Think there’ll probably be another Léon poster to come as I had a few ideas for it, but then I’ll move on to some more of my all time faves, I’m thinking: 5th element, Jurassic Park, Matrix, Die Hard, suggestions welcome!

I recently revisited the poster design to the one you see above. Below I’ve attached the original version / design.